Why helicopter tours are awesome

Why helicopter tours are better


Helicopter tours are getting popular with tourists because it is one sure shot way to experience the ultimate thrill from the comfort of your seat. 

People who get off a helicopter tour beat themselves about not booking one much earlier – such is the element of fun. 

And then, they vow to get back in the air soon enough. 

We list down the reasons why we think chopper tours are fantastic and why everyone must book a tour sooner, if not later.

Helicopter tours are for every occasion

People have used helicopter tours for marriage proposals, to celebrate anniversaries, to bond with kids and grandkids, to rekindle love, for reunions, to celebrate graduation, or only as a reason to get together with friends. 

The reason why heli tours suit all these occasions is because it is quick, fun, and clean. 

Heli tours offer lots of photo opportunities

A helicopter ride offers lots of excellent photo opportunities. 

Some of the good moments include – 

  • Pre-flight pose in front of the helicopter
  • Selfie wearing the noise-canceling headphones
  • Selfie with the insides of the helicopter in the background
  • Aerial shots while your helicopter is stationary over an attraction
  • Aerial shots on the landscape
  • Aerial shot of other tour helicopters in the vicinity
  • Post-flight pose with the pilot and the chopper

You get to see spectacular views

A helicopter flies closer to the ground – between 150 meters (500 ft) and 300 meters (1000 ft) above the ground, because of which one gets excellent aerial views of the land below. 

Since they are agile and have a small turning radius, the pilot can move the helicopter around to offer you the best possible viewing angle.

They can slow down and sometimes even hover at the same spot so that you don’t just get a fleeting glimpse but can take your time and enjoy the view. 

If you opt for a helicopter tour during sunset, you get to see the landscape painted in all kinds of colors.

Helicopter tours offer a new perspective

Most of the time, tourists explore a destination by either walking or by road. Helicopter rides provide an alternative with an element of thrill. 

Since you get to see the city from a new vantage point, even locals who have stayed in a city for decades get moved when they take in their city’s views from a helicopter’s seat. 

Some tourists go on a chopper tour as soon as they reach a city. And after seeing the birds-eye view of local attractions, plan their itinerary around the city. 

Chopper tours are available in many flavors

There are many kinds of helicopter tours. 

You can go on a heli tour and see a stunning city from above the air, or you can get an aerial view of a Wildlife national park or explore forest ranges or snow-capped mountains. 

Depending on the time the tour gets scheduled, you have a different experience – the sunrise tour, the midday tour, the sunset tour, or the night tour. 

A stunning view of the sunrise over Santorini in Greece. Image: Artiom Vallat

And then, there is the matter of duration – 15 minutes, half-hour, one hour, etc., which also makes a lot of difference. 

They make for perfect date nights

Image: Nitin Goje

If your city has a sunset heli tour or a night helicopter tour, it makes for an ideal date night. 

Your spouse is sure to be surprised. Even more so, if you can point to the restaurant, you will be going for dinner, from high up in the air. 

Some tour operators even offer to place flowers on the seat to welcome your partner.

Heli tour makes a great gift

Everybody loves a good gift, but it is challenging to choose the right one. 

When in doubt, we recommend a helicopter tour – a perfect gift for your spouse, parents, kids, grandkids, friends, or colleagues. 

There are three reasons why we think heli tours make excellent gifts:

  • Everybody loves the adrenalin rush
  • One can experience within these tours the city and yet get wowed
  • The compact nature of the helicopter brings the participants together. So it does wonders to the couple’s (or group’s) dynamics

Go ahead now, book your tour

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