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What to wear for helicopter tours?

A helicopter tour is a memory of a lifetime, and you don’t want to spend your time in the air worrying about being too hot or too cold.

This is why you must dress right on your heli tour and be as comfortable as possible.

Dress up for the season

Summer is tricky because you don’t want to dress up too heavy, and yet you must be ready for the drop in temperature as you go up, and the onboard temperature control takes effect. 

Wearing full-sleeved shirts is a great idea regardless of the seasons as windburns or sunburns can easily occur on helicopter rides of longer durations.

We recommend that you dress up in layers in winter so that you are not exposed to colder temperatures in air. To this end, a jacket or windbreaker serves the purpose.

Light-colored clothes or dark colored clothes?

For the best pictures, it is recommended that you wear dark-colored clothes since they reduce the reflection on the helicopter windows.

Lighter colors tend to reflect in helicopter windows and show up in your photographs, ruining them. 

However, during summer, darker colored clothes will also make you feel the heat because of all the sun coming in through the helicopter windows. 

This is a call you must take – what is it going to be? 

Loose-fitting clothes or tight-fitting ones?


During chopper tours, you must avoid loose clothes like skirts and dresses. Any kind of loose, flowing clothing is a bad idea for riding on a helicopter because they catch the wind worse than other outfits, especially in open-door helicopters. 

That’s why it is best to dress up in jeans, which won’t get too flappy. 

Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes because getting in and getting off the mechanical bird could become difficult. 

Best footwear for heli tours

It is better to avoid open-toed sandals or flip flops because they can come off quickly. 

In some cases, tourists have lost their footwear mid-air because of the wind in open-door helicopters. 

We recommend laced shoes or trainers.

Accessories to bring along

Since you will be higher up in the air, and the helicopters have massive windows, you will get exposed to a lot of natural, bright light. 

To avoid getting sunburnt, carry along some sunscreen. 

For the same reason, you also need to get your sunglasses. 

While traveling in a helicopter, hats are a strict ‘No’ because they can fly into the helicopter’s rotor system and damage them, thus, putting everybody’s life in danger. 

You can always wear a hat to the Heliport, and leave it in the locker when you board the helicopter. 

Note: It is advisable to keep long hair pulled back.

Accessories to avoid

Backpack, purse, books, loose keys, loose jewelry, or other items that can interfere in the safe operation of the helicopter aren’t allowed. 

As mentioned earlier, you can bring them to the Heliport but must keep them in the locker. 

Important: You can take your mobile or camera onboard the helicopter. If it is an open helicopter, the operator insists on securing your cameras or cellphones with a wrist or neck strap to ensure its safety. 

Go ahead and book your helicopter tour.

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