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Night Helicopter Tour in NYC – prices, what to expect

A New York night helicopter tour is an adventure that combines the thrill of flight with the enchantment of the city’s nocturnal beauty.

The city is a dazzling sight during the day.

There is always something to see throughout the five boroughs, from the early sunrises over the East River to those sunsets over the Hudson River.

But evenings are when New York creates a symphony of lights dancing across the skyline.

There are countless ways to enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful New York City after the lights come on but an helicopter tour is the best way.

This article shares everything you must know before booking a helicopter tour over New York at night.

Cost of night time helicopter tour

The New York City Lights nighttime helicopter tour, which gets you airtime of 25 to 30 minutes, costs US$274 per head for all participants aged two years and above.

Infants younger than two can join in for free as long as they sit on an adult’s lap.

A 30-minute private helicopter tour, perfect for romantic couples who prefer privacy, is priced at US$800 per group (up to 2).

Best night helicopter tours in New York

Below, we have curated a list of some of the best night helicopter tours in the city, which also happen to provide the most value for your money.

City Lights Skyline Experience

City Lights Skyline Experience in NYC
Image: Canva.com

View the star-lit sky of New York City at night, and marvel at its architectural and historical treasures, from the vibrant Times Square and Rockefeller Center to the majestic Statue of Liberty and George Washington Bridge.

Get live informative narration, providing you with facts and historical anecdotes about the landmarks you pass, giving you a deeper understanding of the city’s rich heritage and cultural significance.

On the tour booking page, you can select the departure time that works best for your schedule for this Night helicopter tour in NYC.

Duration of the flight: 25 to 30 minutes
Cost: US$274 per person for travelers over 2 years of age

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Private after-dark NYC helicopter tour for couples

Private after-dark NYC helicopter tour for couples
Image: Bookafly.com

This private helicopter tour in NYC at night is perfect for couples who want to elevate the romance of your NYC vacation.

Gaze at the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, Central Park, Yankee Stadium, the iconic Manhattan skyline, and the East River bridges in all their glory from the air as you take off.

Admire the breathtaking sights over NYC after dark.

Duration of the flight: Select from 30 or 45 minutes tour

Cost of the 30-Minute R44 Helicopter Tour without Transfers: US$800 per group (up to 2)

Cost of the 45-Minute R44 Helicopter Tour without Transfers: US$1,100 per group (up to 2)

Cost of the 30-Minute R44 Helicopter Tour with Transfers: US$1,160 per group (up to 2)

Cost of the 45-Minute R44 Helicopter Tour with Transfers: US$1,460 per group (up to 2)

Families and couples who want to spend more time in the air opt for the helicopter ride over Niagara Falls. These flights take off from New York City.

Romantic helicopter proposal flight at night

Romantic helicopter proposal flight at night
Image: GYG

Impress your partner with a private helicopter tour of New York City, an ideal setting for an aerial marriage proposal in the evening.

Together, you and your expert engagement photographer will plan every aspect of the 30 to 45-minute flight.
Step out in style as a private car will pick you up from your Manhattan hotel or home.

Until you reach the airfield outside of Manhattan, your location will be kept a secret from your uninformed partner.
You can propose before takeoff, during the flight, or after landing – the decision is yours.

Make them feel as special as they deserve by treating them to a champagne toast, a bouquet of roses, and a small box of premium chocolates handed out after the flight.

Finally, go all the way and make it magical with the illuminated “Marry Me” sign revealed at the end of the flight.

Duration of the flight: Select from 30 or 45 minutes tour

Cost of the 30-Minute Proposal Flight Package: US$3,300 per group (of up to 2)

Cost of the 45-Minute Proposal Flight Package: US$3,850 per group (of up to 2)

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Helicopter tour timings

New York City Lights Skyline Experience, the most popular nighttime helicopter tour over New York City, starts taking off at 7:30 pm.

There is a take off every half hour until 9.30 pm, when the last helicopter takes off with tourists.

Departure heliports

City Lights Skyline Experience from a helicopter takes off from Linden Airport (LDJ).

Address: 1101 W Edgar Rd, Linden, NJ 07036, USA.

Passengers can drive to Linden Airport or take a train from NY Penn Station via NJ Transit. Roundtrip ticket is $17.

You can take the Trenton (Northeast Corridor) Line or the Long Branch (North Jersey Coast) Line to Linden Train station.

Private after-dark NYC helicopter tour for couples takes off from Atlantic Aviation West.

Address: 67 Tower Road, Harrison, NY 10604, USA.

The meeting point is easily accessible by taking the Metro-North train from Grand Central to White Plains station, then a taxi to the airport with an average travel time between 45 and 60 minutes.

The rates are based on regular cars.

Romantic helicopter proposal flight at night takes off from Westchester County Airport.

Address: 240 Airport Rd, White Plains, NY 10604, USA.

Pickup and drop-off are included in this tour package.

All departure points are near public transportation.

There are multiple takeoffs daily, so book early to get your preferred time slot.

The tours end back at the meeting point.

Tour ticket exclusions

City Lights Skyline Experience helicopter tour does not include the free hotel pickup and drop off and US$17 per head transportation costs to/from NYC.

Nighttime private NYC helicopter tour and Romantic proposal helicopter tour does not include the airport fee/fuel surcharge costing US$35 per person.

Restrictions strictly followed

Depending upon the tour package, weight and height limits apply for a safe and comfortable nighttime helicopter ride in New York.

Passengers exceeding the weight limits may be unable to fly.

If the minimum number of passengers is not met, the tour will be canceled and subject to rescheduling or refund.

Children 18 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Infants must sit on the caregivers’ laps.

Seating arrangements may often be in the hands of the tour organizers for a safe and stable flight.

A current valid government-issued photo ID is mandatory on the day of the scheduled ride.

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Why go up in a helicopter at night

You should go up in a helicopter at night over New York for several reasons. We list a few below:

See the iconic skyline

New York City is renowned for its skyline, arguably even more breathtaking at night. 

Seeing it from above in a helicopter would be a memorable experience. 

The city lights against the night sky create a beautiful tableau that can’t be experienced from the ground.

Enjoy monumental landmarks

Many of New York’s famous landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, and the Empire State Building, are beautifully lit up at night. 

A helicopter tour provides a unique vantage point to view these structures.

Experience the adrenalin

Simply put, it’s a unique experience. Only a few people can see the perspective from above at night. 

The adrenalin rush when the helicopter takes off, swoops over and around the buildings, and finally, lands is unmatched.

See the city’s nightlife

NYC is often called “The City that Never Sleeps.” 

Seeing the city’s vibrant life from above at night can give you a true sense of this.

It’s also a fantastic occasion for a special event, like a birthday or anniversary.

Take amazing photographs

Nighttime helicopter rides offer unique photo opportunities. 

The city lights, skyline, and landmarks provide amazing backdrops for aerial photography.

What to lookout for during the night helicopter tour

Chrysler Building: It is the most beloved skyscraper in the world that begins to illuminate from within at precisely 8.59 pm every night.

Empire State Building: The Empire State Building and other Midtown icons have a magnificent nighttime appearance as this building shines in all seasons.

TriBeCa: The trendy neighborhood of Tribeca is known for its old industrial structures, many of which have been converted into loft-style homes. These structures are a delight for the eye to watch in the evening.

SoHo: It has Instagram-worthy hotels, including Williamsburg Hotel and The Ludlow. After dark, after the sun has gone down, it is a fascinating sight.

West Village: The best nightlife in the West Village isn’t just found in dance clubs; a lot of the after-hours activity happens in jazz clubs and gay hangouts.

Columbus Circle: The iconic Columbus Circle is visible from the helicopter’s floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Central Park: Masterwork in landscape design is located at the southwest corner of Central Park.

Statue of Liberty: As you fly over the iconic Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, you get breathtaking views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. More about Statue of Liberty helicopter tours.

Some of the other city attractions you will see from the air are – The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, One World Trade Center, Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Yankee Stadium, and George Washington Bridge.

Cancellation policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before your tour date. 

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, a 100% percent cancellation fee is applicable.

No changes are allowed within 24 hours of the experience’s start time.

Helicopter tours require good weather. If the tour is canceled due to poor weather, you may be offered a different date or a full refund.

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