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Last-minute Grand Canyon helicopter tours

Visitors search for last-minute tours to Grand Canyon either because they are looking for a bargain or planned late. 

Booking a last-minute tour might be more challenging due to limited availability, especially during peak tourist season. 

You should book your tour as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the date and time you prefer. 

However, cancellations do occur, and you may get lucky by checking the numerous helicopter tours booking page frequently for any last-minute openings.

If you have decided to visit the Grand Canyon at the last minute, don’t worry, there are enough tours for everybody

Tips to book last minute helicopter tour

Here are a few tips to get good deals on Grand Canyon helicopters at the eleventh hour.

Buy online

Even if you are late, always book Grand Canyon tours online – the best deals are always on the Internet. 

These Internet-only discounts and specials are possible because no human cost is involved. 

Avoid hotel concierges as well because they charge a commission.

Book in advance

When it comes to Grand Canyon helicopter tours, there are no last-minute bargains. 

Since helicopters are in short supply, and for shared helicopters, it is essential to have the minimum number of passengers to take off, the tour companies prefer to book everything in advance. 

The tour operators don’t offer last-minute discounts to encourage early tour bookings. 

When you book your helicopter tour at the eleventh hour, getting your preferred time slot or the exact tour package you want isn’t easy.

When booking a helicopter tour, the earlier, the better. 

Avoid booking at the destination

If you are looking for a bargain, the worst mistake you can make is booking your Grand Canyon helicopter tour at the Grand Canyon National Park.

The ticket kiosks at the location always offer premium rates because they know you don’t have any other choice.

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FAQs about last minute tours

Before booking a last-minute helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, tourists have several common questions. 

We list some of them:

What tours are available at the time and date I prefer?

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are popular with tourists, and since there are only so many seats and take-offs per day, it is always better to book in advance. However, if you plan at the last minute, look at the dates and times available online. Viator has the best collection of last minute helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon.

What is the total cost of the Grand Canyon tour?

The cheapest helicopter tour over Grand Canyon West Rim, which starts from Las Vegas, costs US$239 per person. The popular 45-minute helicopter tour over the South Rim, which takes off from Grand Canyon Village, Tusayan, Arizona, is priced at US$349 per person.

How long is the tour? Does this include travel time to and from the helipad, or just the time in the air?

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are available for varying duration in the air – from 25 minutes to an hour. The longer the air time, the costlier the ticket. However, total tour time may be longer if it includes transport to and from your hotel or other extras.

What specific landmarks or areas of the Grand Canyon will the tour cover?

Most tours cover significant landmarks such as the North and South Rims and the Colorado River, often including views of the wider Grand Canyon National Park.

What type of helicopter will be used for the tour? How many passengers does it carry?

Most Grand Canyon helicopter tours use modern, specially designed sightseeing helicopters that can carry 6 to 7 passengers. Helicopters such as Airbus EC130 and the Bell 407 are the most popular.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my tour? Will the tour be rescheduled, or will I get a refund?

Most companies will reschedule your tour in the case of bad weather or offer a refund if rescheduling is not possible. Be sure to verify this policy with the tour operator.

What is the cancellation policy, especially considering this is a last-minute booking? Will I receive a full refund if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Policies will vary by company, but last-minute bookings are typically not fully refundable due to the short notice. Always ask about the specific cancellation and refund policy when you book.

Are any other experiences included or available during the last minute heli tours? Activities such as a picnic, champagne toast, or ground tour?

Some tours offer extras like a champagne picnic, a Colorado River boat ride, or a Grand Canyon Skywalk walk. Check with your tour operator for specifics. It’s essential to get answers to these questions to make an informed decision and enjoy your last-minute Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

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Best operators for last-minute helicopter tours

Some tour operators listed below may have free slots if you’re looking for last-minute helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon. 

Availability will depend on the exact date and time you’re interested in. 

Maverick Helicopters: They offer various tour options, including sunset flights and a package that lands at the bottom of the canyon.

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters: Papillon offers numerous tours that vary in length and points of interest. Some of their tours include a descent to the canyon floor, while others include a boat ride on the Colorado River.

Sundance Helicopters: Sundance offers a variety of tours, including sunset tours, picnic tours that land in the canyon, and city lights tours that give you a view of Las Vegas from the sky.

Serenity Helicopters: This operator offers several tour options, including sunset flights and a tour that lands at the bottom of the canyon for a champagne picnic.

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