Helicopter tours to Mt Fuji – prices, timings, how to reach heliport

Helicopter tour of Mt Fuji

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More than a million visitors hike up to Mt Fuji every year.

The next best way to explore Mt Fuji is going up on a helicopter tour and experiencing the beauty of landmarks from the top.

In this article we explain everything you must know before booking your helicopter tour to Mt Fuji in Tokyo.

How to reach Tokyo heliport

Since most of the tourists are in Tokyo, most of the helicopter tours to Mt Fuji take off from Tokyo heliport in Kōtō, Tokyo. 

Address: 4-chōme-7-25 Shinkiba, Koto City, Tōkyō-to 136-0082, Japan. Get Directions

The Tokyo heliport is five minutes by car (or taxi) from Shinkiba station.

From the station, you can also take a bus to reach the heliport.

Bus Stop No 1: The bus bounded for the Wakasu campsite
Bus Stop No 2: Board the bus bounded for Toyocho, or Shinkiba Zyunkan

The Tokyo heliport has a waiting room and restrooms.

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Mt Fuji tours timings

The flights over Tokyo are operational all through the week. 

The helicopters start taking off from the Tokyo heliport from 10 am onwards.

They continue to take off till 4 pm. During winter, they stop a little earlier.

While booking your tour, you must select a time slot. 

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Passenger limit per helicopter

When you book a helicopter tour to Mount Fuji, you charter the flight. 

That means you will be charged one price for up to three people. 

Even if you are one person, you will be paying for the whole helicopter ride, and that is why there is no minimum number of passengers required for confirmation of the tour. 

In short, all Mt Fuji tours from Tokyo are private tours.

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Kids on Mt Fuji helicopter tours

Children under two years of age can join the tour for free, and they must sit on their parents’ lap.

If your kid is three years, they must sit separately. Infant seats are available in the helicopters. 

All helicopter pads are stroller accessible as well. 

At the time of the tour, you may be asked to show the kid’s proof of age.

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Weight restrictions

Most of the helicopters used for Mt Fuji tours are 3-seater machines. 

Since they are smaller helicopters, a passenger may not exceed 130 Kgs (286 lbs), and the total weight of all the passengers can’t exceed 240 Kgs (530 lbs). 

Before take-off, the pilot and the ground staff will make sure the passengers’ weight is distributed evenly in the helicopter. 

If you don’t meet the weight criteria, you won’t be able to fly, and money refunded.

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Cancellation policy

If you cancel at least 24 hours before your helicopter tour is scheduled, you qualify for a 100 percent refund.

When helicopter ride gets canceled

This weather alert is usually emailed across on the morning of the trip, so always check your email before you leave for the heliport.

If the weather conditions are not good, you won’t be able to see Mt. Fuji.

Depending on the weather conditions, it may be possible to change to a shorter course than before and to change to another schedule.

If the weather is really bad , the tour to Mt Fuji may not happen.

In such a case, the helicopter tour operator will offer a different date or a full refund.

Depending on your holiday schedule, you can decide.

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Things to know before booking

  • Tokyo heliport is part of Tokyo’s terrorism countermeasure plan, and that’s why photography and videography are banned. You can take photographs and videos once you board the helicopter.
  • Passengers who have gone scuba diving in the past 24 hours can’t go on a helicopter tour. Find out how long to wait after scuba diving before you can fly
  • Since all the chopper tours in Tokyo are private only your group will take off together.
  • Reservations can be made from about one month in advance.
  • All passengers get “third-party passenger comprehensive liability insurance”, the cost of which is included in the flight fee.
  • The heliports and the helicopters are wheelchair accessible. Service animals are also allowed to board the flight.

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70-minutes Tokyo to Mt Fuji helicopter tour

This 70-minute flight allows passengers to experience the beauty of both urban and rural Japan with the Tokyo-Hakone, Mt. Fuji tour.

The scenic helicopter tour takes passengers across key locations of West Tokyo, such as the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Bay, and Yokohama.

Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. Image: Skyview.airos.jp
Ariake region of Tokyo. Image: Skyview.airos.jp
Shinjuku city in Tokyo. Image: Skyview.airos.jp

The highlight of the tour is the stunning views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Hakone.

View of Mount Fuji from a chopper. Image: Skyview.airos.jp

You can book this tour for a maximum of three passengers.

The shorter helicopter tour route from Tokyo to Mt Fuji. Map Courtesy: Skyview.airos.jp

Highlights along the route: Mt.Fuji, Lake Yamanaka, Tokyo Tower, Yokohama City etc.

Departure: Tokyo Heliport, 4-chōme-7-25 Shinkiba, Koto City, Tōkyō-to 136-0082, Japan (Google Map)

Duration in the air: 70 minutes
Narration: Live Commentary
Tour Operator: AirX Helicopter service
Tour timings: 10 am to 3 pm, every half hour

Cost of the tour: 1,99,000 Japanese Yen (1,860 US Dollars)

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90-minutes Tokyo to Mt Fuji helicopter tour

This heli tour offers everything that previous tour offers and more.

View of Tokyo city from cockpit. Image: Skyview.airos.jp
Aerial view of Tokyo city. Image: Skyview.airos.jp
Bayside view of Tokyo. Image: Skyview.airos.jp
View of Tokyo Skytree from helicopter. Image: Skyview.airos.jp
Mount Fuji as seen on helicopter tour. Image: Skyview.airos.jp

If you book this tour you get to spend 90 minutes in the Tokyo to Mt Fuji helicopter.

The long cruise by the shoreline is often a favourite of many tourists and locals.

The longer helicopter tour route from Tokyo to Mt Fuji. Map Courtesy: Skyview.airos.jp

Highlights along the route: Rainbow Bridge, Atsugi Base, Ashinoko Lake, Owakudani, Odawara Castle, Oiso Long Beach, Shonan Coast, Enoshima Island, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine, Yokohama Chinatown, Yamashita Park (Hikawamaru), Yokohama Landmark Tower, Roppongi Hils, Tokyo Tower, etc.

Departure: Tokyo Heliport, 4-chōme-7-25 Shinkiba, Koto City, Tōkyō-to 136-0082, Japan (Google Map)

Duration in the air: 90 minutes
Narration: Live Commentary
Tour Operator: AirX Helicopter service
Tour timings: 10 am to 2.30 pm, every half hour

Cost of the tour: 2,55,000 Japanese Yen (2,380 US Dollars)

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