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Cost of Niagara Falls helicopter tours

A helicopter tour of Niagara Falls is an unmatched adventure that allows visitors to witness one of the world’s most captivating natural wonders from a unique perspective.

Soaring above the falls, passengers are treated to unparalleled views encompassing the grandeur, power, and beauty of the cascading waters and the surrounding landscapes. 

However, among other considerations, knowing the Niagara Falls helicopter tours cost is helpful because it can be a costly affair. 

This article will go over the cost of Niagara Falls helicopter tours from Canada and USA so that you can discover one that best suits your needs.

One-hour aerial tour of Toronto and Niagara Falls with iflyTOTOCA$280 per person
Niagara Falls CANADA Helicopter TourCA$295 per person
Niagara Falls CANADA Helicopter TourCA$181 per person
Niagara Falls Grand Helicopter AdventureCA$280 per person
Niagara Falls USA Small Group Tour + Helicopter +Maid of the MistCA$513 per person
Niagara Falls Day Trip from Manhattan by HelicopterCA$32,787 per group (up to 5)

Cost of Niagara helicopter tours from Canada

Here is our selection of the best Niagara falls helicopter tours from Canada along with their prices. 

Choose from a range of tour packages that suits your preferences and budget.

Cost of Niagara Falls CANADA Helicopter Tour

Niagara Falls CANADA heli tour
Image: Viator.com

The CANADA Helicopter Tour to Niagara Falls costs CA$181 for adults (12+ years) and CA$117 for children (2 to 11 years) and is free for infants.

From the comfort of the helicopter, passengers are presented with amazing views of the three awe-inspiring falls that collectively constitute Niagara Falls: the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.

Beyond the falls, the helicopter tour also offers glimpses of the Niagara River, impressive architecture of the Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada and the United States, the spectacular Whirlpool Rapids, Skylon Tower, and much more.

Price of One-hour aerial tour of Toronto and Niagara Falls with iflyTOTO

One hour niagara falls tour
Image: GoAdventure.com

Priced at CA$280 for travelers over 3 years of age, the iflyTOTO aerial tour of Toronto and Niagara Falls will take you 2500 ft. in the skies with a helicopter and treat you to panoramic views of the cityscape of Toronto.

Glide past the soaring skyscrapers gradually giving way to the picturesque countryside witness the immense volume of cascading waterfalls and resulting mist and spray- a breathtaking sight that will forever be etched in your memory. 

Double up the luxe experience with a glass of champagne in the air ad free airport parking before departure.

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Cost of Niagara Falls Grand Helicopter Adventure

Grand helicopter adventure
Image: Viator.com

The Grand Helicopter Adventure costs CA$280 for adults (11+ years) and CA$150 for children (3 to 10 years), and offers an aerial perspective for visitors to comprehend the immensity of this natural wonder.

Witness some of the region’s most iconic landmarks, like Niagara Vineyard, Brock’s Monument National Historic Site, Sir Ada Beck II Generating Station, and more.

Price of Aerial tour from Toronto with Niagara Winery Tasting Tour

Wine tasting tour
Image: Viator.com

Costing CA$295 for people over 2 years of age, the Toronto Aerial tour with Niagara Winery Tasting is a five-hour joyride to remember offering breathtaking city views from above, flight over Niagara Falls, and indulgence in the exquisite flavors of Niagara’s renowned wines. 

Upon landing in the heart of Niagara’s wine country, you’ll be greeted by a luxurious limo bus that will transport you to some of the region’s finest, award-winning wineries.

Get free airport parking before departure for a stress-free flight.

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Cost of Niagara helicopter tours from USA

Here is our selection of the best Niagara falls helicopter tours from the USA along with their prices. 

Choose from a range of tour packages that suits your preferences and budget.

Price of Niagara Falls USA Small Group Tour + Helicopter +Maid of the Mist

Maid of the mist tour
Image: Viator.com

This all-in-one tour costs US$379 for adults (13+ years) and US$289 for children (4 to 12 years) and offers a combination of a small group tour, a helicopter tour, and a Maid of the Mist boat ride to experience the majesty of Niagara Falls from different perspectives.

Get access to the Cave of the Winds and free guest pick-up from any location within downtown Niagara Falls, NY, USA.

Cost of Niagara Falls Day Trip from Manhattan by Helicopter

Niagara falls from Manhattan
Image: Viator.com

While many people choose to visit Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, an alternative offers an unforgettable experience for those based in Manhattan – a day trip by helicopter tour costing US$22,400 per group of up to 5 people of all ages.

Watch the urban landscape of the iconic Manhattan skyline beneath you.

Get the best of both worlds- witnessing the birds-eye view of the world’s most influential city New York, and then steering away from its hustle and bustle to the world’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls, Niagara Falls.

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Why tourists want to know the cost?

Understanding the cost of a Niagara Falls helicopter tours is an essential consideration for tourists for several reasons:

Budget Planning

Knowing the cost allows tourists to plan their expenses and allocate funds accordingly. 

By having a clear idea of the tour’s cost, visitors can make informed decisions about their overall travel budget, ensuring they can enjoy other activities and attractions while staying within their financial means.

Value Assessment

The cost of a helicopter tour helps tourists evaluate the value they will receive in return for their investment. 

It allows them to assess whether the experience is worth the price and compare it with alternative ways of experiencing Niagara Falls, such as boat tours, observation decks, or land-based attractions.

Tour Selection

Niagara Falls helicopter tours can vary in terms of duration, route, inclusions, and additional services. 

Knowing the cost helps tourists compare different tour packages and choose the one that best suits their preferences and expectations. 

Some may prefer a shorter introductory flight, while others might opt for a longer tour that covers additional landmarks or offers more personalized services.


For some tourists, the helicopter tour cost may be the deciding factor in determining whether they can participate in this experience. 

Understanding the cost allows them to assess its affordability and plan accordingly.

 It enables visitors to determine if they need to adjust their itinerary or make trade-offs with other activities to accommodate the expense.

Transparency and Avoiding Surprises

Knowing the cost upfront ensures transparency and helps tourists avoid surprises or hidden fees. 

By understanding the total cost, including any additional charges or taxes, visitors can make an informed decision and be prepared for the financial aspect of the tour, minimizing the chances of unexpected expenses during their trip.

Comparing Providers

Niagara Falls is a popular tourist destination with multiple helicopter tour operators. 

Knowing the cost allows tourists to compare prices among different providers and evaluate the value, reputation, and quality of the services offered. 

This enables them to make an informed choice and select a reliable and reputable operator that offers competitive pricing.

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