Seaplane tour in Seattle – prices, duration, timings, what to expect

Seaplane taking off from Lake Washington

Air tours in Seattle and beyond offer unforgettable aerial views of the exceptional environs of the Northwest.  Even though Seattle does have helicopter tours, the city’s seaplanes are more popular. They take off and land on the water for a one-of-a-kind Northwest experience. Besides the city of Seattle, these seaplane tours also help you explore … Read more

Helicopter tours over Lake Tahoe – prices, timings, heliport

Helicopter tours over Tahoe Lake

Lake Tahoe is a cobalt blue lake and is widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful places.  This natural attraction offers excellent outdoor recreation and stunning scenery and attracts 20 million people annually.  Some of these visitors prefer to go up in a helicopter and enjoy the views.  This article overs everything you must … Read more

Nashville helicopter tours – tickets, prices, timings

Aerial view of Nashville by helicopter

Nashville, Tennessee, has one of the most gorgeous skylines in the country, and it’s just getting better. Locals and visitors alike fly high in the skies to get a bird’s eye perspective of Nashville- after all, a helicopter tour is the best way to experience what the Music City has to offer. There are four … Read more

Helicopter Tours – everything you must know

Helicopter tours are short sightseeing flights, lasting 7 to 45 minutes (sometimes more!), over cities, tourist attractions, wildlife, or mountains. Sometimes these helicopter trips include a landing in the middle of a desert, winery, snow, etc. This bird’s eye experience is a thrilling adventure, and everybody gets down wishing they had spent more time in … Read more